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Heavy Haul

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“We are the oversize/overweight transportation specialists. Rose Cartage has conscientious employees that are accustomed to hauling loads of extreme length and weight. We were recently involved in a long term project transporting bridge beams over 200’ long and 300,000 pounds each. Our fleet of four axle tractors with auxiliary transmissions is ready for extreme weights. Present equipment includes 13 axle bridge dolly system with 39” deck height, lowboys with capacity to 90 tons, up to 40’ well; lowboys with 22” height, capacity to 50 tons; rear steerable lowboys to 90 tons. Also available are 48’ flatbed trailers, stretch flatbed trailers to 80’, single drop flatbeds with 36” deck height. We have equipment that can be configured to meet a variety of transportation needs. Additional equipment can be obtained.

Lowboy Stretch Trailers
2 or 3 axle lowboy Stretch Trailers with up to 50 feet in the well

Steerable Dolly Trailers
6 axle Steerable Dolly Trailers, up to 70 tons

10 or 11 Axle Combination
has 27 feet in the well, flat deck or beam deck, up to 70 tons

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